Friday, May 23, 2014

"Warriors of the Red Planet" Coming Soon?

Want! Want! Covet! Covet!

Just when I thought it had become vaporware! After over a year of silence from the Warriors of the Red Planet blog, artist Thomas Denmark announced today that he will have the Beta of the final game, along with a limited edition portfolio of five of his paintings used in the game, will be available at his table at Kublacon in Burlingame, CA, this weekend.

Sadly, I live on the wrong side of the continent to attend and it's driving me crazy. I have been waiting for these rules for years now, and I would kill a man--in front of his own spouse and children--to even catch a glimpse of the finished game. Hopefully, this means that my wait will finally be over and my pitifully excuse for a wasted live will have some semblance of meaning and I can die only slightly less alone and afraid than I had originally planned.

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