Friday, February 8, 2008

Thanks Natalie!

A special thank you to Natalie Jaran, a fellow gamer and skeptic at the JREF IRC channel, for the great banner that now graces this blog. Thanks again Natalie!

Addendum: Feb 23, 08: Doh! I've been calling Ms. Jaran "Nadine" all this time and her real name is "Natalie!" I feel like such a dope. Sorry, Natalie!

My Gaming Space

Well, this is it! My gaming table. Essentially I built a removable cover that goes over our living room pool table. It's large enough for just about any scale of game, 28mm and smaller.

Best of all, when the battle is over, all you need to do is remove the cover and you can shoot some pool!

More EPT Figures

Work continues on my Legion of Serqu from Eureka's Empire Of The Petal Throne figures. Here are two officers I just finished:

"Aridani" (i.e. Independent Female) Officer.

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Male Officer

There is also supposed to be a picture of a standard bearer, but I've got to touch up the matte finish a little bit (it came out frosty) on the figure before its presentable enough to post a picture. More figures to come!