Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nudity! Horrible terrible NUDITY!!!

I'm trying out Heromachine 3 alpha to create character sketches. Here is my archetype for a Tékumelyani priestess of Dlamélish. As you can see, it looks like the programmer still has Barbie-doll notions of human anatomy.

Because the sight of nipples or genitalia will
bring Western civilization to an end!
Real life is still eating up my free time. I'll have the Gary Con reports ready by the end of tomorrow.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home again, home again...

I got home about six hours ago, but I'm pretty much done. I'll have a report on the last two days of Gary Con along with some corrections and final touches to the previous posts tomorrow evening.

In the meantime, I'm off to bed.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Gary Con Report: Evening March 22

We were pretty packed at the Ghostbusters game run by Tim Snider (aka Sniderman) from the Savage AfterWorld blog. It was a thrill to play the old game again, so with pre-gen character sheet and custom-made Ghost Die (I don't know where the hell he got these.) we began our spook-tacular adventure.

For this adventure I was playing Christopher Barnes, the staff's science nerd (i.e. Egon) who is described a having a personality that was a combination of Ben Stein (without the anti-science, creationist BS, of course) and some comedian I never heard of; deadpan and sarcastic. We bested the supernatural baddy (I shan't spoil it by going into the details, lest Sniderman wishes to run the adventure again.) and best of all, we got to keep the Ghost Dice at the end. The markings on the die from the original boxed set had a tendency to where off. I'm going to have to ask Sinderman where he got his from after all.

After that there was a gamer's mixer up at the bar. There was free food, 300 and Gladiator was playing on the big screen TV system, and plenty of gamer geeks to chew the fat with. I ran into Victor Raymond who brought a copy of the map of the first level of the Jakallan underworld, the late Professor Baker's legendary mega-dungeon. Victor promised to pick up last year's adventure where we left off sometime this weekend. It was then I ran into one of the players from Sniderman's previous game; he was looking for players for his evening Ghostbusters game.

Since I had noo other plans, I took up the same character. This time the game had a decidedly Lovecraftian bent as our characters where hired by the Yonker's extension of Miskatonic University to find a stolen copy of the Nomicon, a badly translated edition of the Necronomicon filled with potenially unstable spells. This time around I was not so lucky as before because I kept rolling "ghost" after "ghost" after "ghost," and veteran Ghostbusters player knows: you roll a "ghost" BAD THINGS HAPPEN. I was lucky I survived at all.

Anyway, the adventure over, I went back to my murphy bed for another night's sleep.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gary Con Report: Morning, March 22.

Got through my first night OK, but I can't get Apples iCloud to upload my pictures from my phone to my tablet. I'm reduced to blogging from my phone.

Right now I'm sitting at a table, talking about the hated 4th Ed. and John Carter with a few others including Jim Ward and Frank Metzner. (Synopsis, John Carter rules, 4th Ed. sucks moose scrotum.)

My first game, a Ghostbusters adventure, starts at 2pm. I haven't played this old West End Games classic since I was in 8th grade, so I'm really psyched to play.

Like a lot of cons of this type, things are really quiet on the first and last days. Attendance really pick up Friday and Saturday.

Location:Terrace Dr,Lake Geneva,United States

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update: I'm saved!

My roomie has arrived after all! I'm now snug and safe in our room. I might go out a roaming later, but at least I won't have to sleep in my car.

Location:Lausanne Ct,Lake Geneva,United States

Gary Con Report: Wednesday, March 21

Well I'm here...

...and I fucked up royally.

But first thing is first: the drive down was lovely. Much of South Eastern Wisconsin is hilly and rural with large woodlots and farms between Milwaukee and Lake Geneva. It was quite warm for March, a major improvement over the cold and snow of last year. I arrived at the resort and stopped by the front desk to see if my roomate had arrived yet.

He hadn't and he isn't expected to arrive until tomorrow. It seems I misunderstood his instuctions. Now I'm stuck here without a room for the night. The fellow at the desk said that he could stratch up a room for the night for me, but it would cost more than I could afford right now. At this time, I'm down to two options:

I could drive back home or to my mother's home in nearby Mukwonago, burning gasoline (i.e. money) along the way.


I could try to sleep in my car tonight and hope no one pinches me.

Not only did I fuck up, but I AM fucked... and not in the fun way.

In the meantime, I'm holed up in the resort lobby blogging on my iPad and pondering on what to do. I just dined royally on a salami and provolone on wheat while I watched Frank Metzner, Jim Ward and members of the Gygax clan trade pleasantries. Maybe I can find a game to pass the time.

It's going to be a loooong night.

Location:State Road 50,Lake Geneva,United States

The Dark Lord of the OSR speaks...

While I'm packing for my trip to fun-filled GaryCon--Where did I put my thumbscrews and my strap-on dildo?--I thought I'd share this inter-tubes offering from Jim Raggi, his new video blog... vodcast... thing...

Enjoy!  I'm going to have to stop off at Sam's Club for more lube and nylon rope.

Monday, March 19, 2012

T-Minus two days and counting...

Soon, very soon now, I'll be in beautiful (Unlike last year, this week promises to have nice weather.) Lake Geneva, WI at...

I'm planning to get in a day-to-day contribution on the events, shenanigans, and goings-on. That is, if can get my new AC/DC adapter for my laptop. Otherwise, I 'll have to use my iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard.

So be on the lookout for a fat, nerd with a beard... oh wait... Just be on the look out for this ugly mug!

If you think I look horrifying here, imagine me naked!