Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coming Soon: "Totems of the Dead"

David Jarvis from Gun Metal Games, posted the following on the PEG forum:
Hi everyone,

I'm posting to let you guys know about Gun metal games' next setting for savage Worlds; Totems of the Dead!

Totems of the Dead is a fantasy sword & sorcery setting inspired by Native American stories and mythologies combined with the Vinland Saga.

Come explore the cliff-side ruins of the ancient Stone Shapers and seek treasure in the abandoned monuments of the Mound Raisers. Face off against the sasquatch, wendigo and Uktena serpent, or beat back nameless horrors that have awoken from a forgotten age. Rediscover the totems of ancient pre-human cultures. Stoke the fires of bravery in your own heart by singing your death song, and above all, struggle to survive in this savage world!

David also posted a sketch of the proposed cover art (see above) last night and another tantalizing tidbit this morning:

Yeah It's gonna be tons of fun.

In addition to Nordic-inspired Skadians and native american-inspired cultures, we have Atlantean slavers and free-roaming barbarians, aztec-inspired cultures, ritual sorcerers, feral shamans... just a bunch of cool stuff.

So it's The Song of Hiawatha meets The 13th Warrior with Conan the Barbarian along for a hot, hot threesome. Pure awesome! I can't wait to see what they come up with.