Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Video! AD&D at Madison.

My first video for the No School/Old School YouTube channel! I took some footage of an AD&D game run yesterday at Madison (Wisconsin) Traditional Gaming's monthly meeting. I admit it's a little rough; I'm still getting the hang of shooting with the Flip camera. I used Microsoft Movie Maker to add the title and captions, but I just got a Mac and I'm tempted to give iMovie a shot.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Going to Gary Con III

Gary Con III, obviously named after the late E. Gary Gygax, will be held at The Lodge at Geneva Ridge, Lake Geneva, WI March 25-27. I had a chance to spend at Saturday afternoon at last year's festivities and I was greatly impressed. It was fantastic to see so many fans of classic RPGs gathered together in the "home town" of fantasy role-playing running all the great games. I was even able to get in on a game of Buck Rogers XXVc with Flint Dille!

Well, this year I've decided to spend all three days at the con. While it's only a hour drive from Muskego, I don't know if I want to burn the gas going back and forth each. I'm yet to make hotel reservations, but since The Lodge is under renovations, getting a hold of someone there is difficult. (Any help in that department would be greatly appreciated.) The event schedule is also available here (.XLS). and like last year, it looks like there is plenty for the old school gamer to do and I might have something special in store if the stars are right. There is only one thing that bothers me.

Isn't there ANYONE who runs Empire of the Petal Throne anymore? (Besides me and Victor Raymond, of course.)

Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end...

James Maliszewski over at Grognardia, must have a pile of old magazines and catalogs a MILE deep, because he came upon some pages in the 1983 Sears Christmas Catalog that brings a tear to this cynic's eye. 

Dungeons & Dragons (Metzner box), AD&D 1st Edition,  Star Frontiers, Traveller, Star Fleet Battles, and the FASA Star Trek RPG all available from a mainstream retailer! It too beautiful for words. What happened to those halcyon days when gaming seemed like a wholesome, innocent thing? What happened?!?!

Oh yeah... That.

The School Master is on YouTube

I've created a sister YouTube channel to upload related gaming/OSR video content like game sessions, reviews, ruminations on the hobby, orgies at the Temple of Dlamélish and anything else that happens to tickle my fickle fancy. There isn't anything there right now, but that will change as I give the Flip Camera I bought a year ago its long-overdue workout. (Especially at Gary Con III.) So, be sure to subscribe.
 Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a quality web cam? I've got a cheap LogiTech that takes crappy video and I'd like to get my hands on something a little better. Please e-mail or post responses in the comments section.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be Aggressive

I should have posted this little ditty to the blog some time ago:

"Be aggressive" should be the OSR's official battle cry!