Thursday, May 29, 2014

We have a new national anthem!

Like many who fly the OSR banner, I do enjoy listening to Save or Die on my pocket-sized telecommunications/entertainment device. However, because of the flighty nature of my broken brain, I stopped listening to podcasts in general for about a year and have only now begun to start listen again. In the latest iteration of their intro, I noticed that Save or Die uses this catchy, funky, Southern metal piece of music called "Dungeon Hustle" from a group called Mississippi Bones. Whatever edition of the rules you play, this song captures the rompin', hackin', slashin' spirit of tabletop gaming.

Come on everyone, sing along, OK?

Please patronize their music on Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes, and other fine digital music establishments.

Friday, May 23, 2014

"Warriors of the Red Planet" Coming Soon?

Want! Want! Covet! Covet!

Just when I thought it had become vaporware! After over a year of silence from the Warriors of the Red Planet blog, artist Thomas Denmark announced today that he will have the Beta of the final game, along with a limited edition portfolio of five of his paintings used in the game, will be available at his table at Kublacon in Burlingame, CA, this weekend.

Sadly, I live on the wrong side of the continent to attend and it's driving me crazy. I have been waiting for these rules for years now, and I would kill a man--in front of his own spouse and children--to even catch a glimpse of the finished game. Hopefully, this means that my wait will finally be over and my pitifully excuse for a wasted live will have some semblance of meaning and I can die only slightly less alone and afraid than I had originally planned.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Savage Praxis Kickstarter Launches May 13

Back in January, I reported that Mike McConnell with Void Star Studios was going to port his hit science fiction setting, Nova Praxis, to the Savage Worlds engine. With Shaintar-creator Sean Patrick Fannon was brought in to write the setting-specific rules. To help fund the project, a Kickstarter campaign similar to that which funded the original game was hinted at. Mike McConnell now reports that the campaign is ready to roll and will launch this upcoming Tuesday, May 13! You can check out a preview of the KS site here

Along with a print edition, along with a "regular" and an "augmented" PDF version, the proposed stretch goals for this project includes a themed poker-deck for initiative, several rules supplements like a gazetteer and a monster manual, an introductory adventure, and a iOS/Android character creation app. I'm rather excited about this project. I own a copy of the original edition, and while FATE is a fine system, it's quite a departure from the traditional-style of role-playing that many gamers in my circle are used to. Savage Worlds has both the popularity and ease of play to introduce this rich and action-packed settings to a larger audience of players.

So this Tuesday, please help support a great project that's well worth the investment.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blog Consolidation Is Upon Us All...

Over the years I've run a few blogs dedicated to my various role-playing interests, but they're spread out across a couple of accounts. Eventually, these blogs get neglected as one interest overrides the others. So, I thought it was time to consolidate all of my blogs under the No School/Old School banner.

Oh, I'll still be posting OSR material, but I'll also be devoting my blog to other games that tickle my interests (namely Traveller and Savage Worlds) along with more miniatures-related material. I'll be shutting down my old blogs as I add archive the material here.

Let the importing being!