Friday, February 12, 2016

Olympus Inc. Kickstarter Suspended!

Bad news, Savage Worlds fans! With five days remaining and only a few dollars from their goal, Kickstarter suspended Fabled Environment's campaign for Olympus Inc.! Author and organizer Chris White explains what happened in the following post in the campaign's comment section: 
A few minutes ago, I learned that the project had been suspended. There is no appeal process. The fault lies completely with myself. To be completely honest, I had an old KS account that I never used but many people has followed me through it. All four of my launched projects and the 20 that I have backed have been through a second account . 
The problem is that I backed this project for $1 through the first account so that people that followed me through that account would know I launch the new project. I actually forgot I even did it as it was at the beginning of the campaign.  
Because of the stupid move on my part, Kickstarter view this as an ethical violation. 
Therefore the campaign has been suspended and there is no appeal process.
Needless to say I am really devastated by this turn of events. I feel horrible for my partner on the project and for you the fans that have supported us. 
I will attempt to reach out to Kickstarter but it seems like I have no recourse. The only option I have at this point I believe is to relaunch the Kickstarter. 
Again, I'm sorry for this turn of events. I feel very foolish. Thank you for your support and I hope you will support us when we relaunch. Just to be clear, there was absolutely nothing found that was unethical about our project except for the issue of the dollar pledge.
Since Fabled Environments has run several successful KS campaigns in the past and I have not heard any complaints against them it's safe to say that Chris is being completely truthful and this is an unfortunate mistake. Oversights like this do happen even to the best of people. The only thing we can do is give Fabled Environments time to relaunch the campaign and pledge again.