Sunday, January 31, 2016

Olympus, Inc. Preview

Charles White at Fabled Environments has just released a .PDF preview of their upcoming Savage Worlds corporate-troubleshooting-meets-Greek-mythology setting, Olympus, Inc. Olympus, Inc. is currently in the middle of it's own crowdfunding effort where they are a little over halfway to their $8500 goal with only 18 days to go. Check out the preview and help bring this setting to print!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Olympus, Inc. Kickstarter is live!

As promised, just a kick post to let my millions of dedicated readers (scoff) know that Fabeled Enviroments' new Kickstarter for their Savage Worlds setting Olympus, Inc. is live. To help sell this awesome setting to you, check out this recent Google Hangout interview with Charles White of FE as he discusses the setting with the Savage Bloggers Network's  Ron Blessing and Kristian Serrano:

Friday, January 15, 2016

Olympus, Inc Update

Yesterday, Fabled Environments made the following announcement on the Facebook page for their upcoming title, Olympus, Inc:
Just a quick update to let folks know that we are pushing back the Kickstarter launch a few days. We want to tweak a couple of things based on some imput that we've gotten.  
The current plan is to launch on Tuesday. Just a few days longer and you can jump in and support bringing this rich setting to life!
So remark your calendars. To be on the safe side, I'll post an announcement here when the Kickstarter begins. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And the flood gates open again...

WotC has just announced that they are now including Fifth Edition under the OGL as well as introducing their Dungeon Master's Guild, a program for third-party creators to include WotC intellectual property (e.g. Forgotten Realms) in their products! The Fifth Ed. System Reference Document and a brief overview of what program covers what content can be found here. Hang distributors and retailers! Just as it happened back in the 90s, the deluge of material--some quality, some crap--will be racing its way to you soon enough.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Upcoming Savage Setting Kickstarter: Olympus, Inc.

Charles White, from Fabled Environments whose products I've reviewed before, dropped me an email regarding a new setting for Savage Worlds they are planning to release: Olympus, Inc.
Art by Mirco Paganessi.
Olympus, Inc answers the question of what would happen if the Olympians were kicked out of the heavens by Gaia and the Titans ruled. Unlike most settings that have tackled the concept of Demigods in the modern world, we are a bit different. 
After she ejected them from the heavens, Gaia was also kind enough to use the Lethe river to cause all humans to forget that the Olympians existed. This nearly killed the Olympians, who began to fade away. However, the Olympians realized that the could draw from our obsession with the almighty dollar and gain power. Therefore, the Olympians traded their stone temples for towers of glass and steel. They formed the world's largest corporations. Now the Titans and Olympians fight a battle for control of the Heavens and Earth with each wielding incredible power. In the midst of all of this are normal humans who are asleep to everything that is around them. 
Interesting. Very interesting. It reads sort of like a cross between Shadowrun and Percy Jackson. I'm already beginning to dream up character ideas.
Gaia has put a few rules in place to ensure that the Titans and Olympians don't tear each other apart as well as the rest of the inhabitants on Earth. This is known as the Nemesis Effect. The Nemesis Effect prohibits the use of visible supernatural abilities in front of sleepers (normal mortals). It also prohibits mythical creatures from appearing in front of a sleeper in their true form. If anyone breaks the rules, the Goddess Nemesis punishes them. It can be anything from being wracked with intense pain to death. It depends on the severity of the infraction.
Therefore, the Titans and Olympians fight a secret proxy war in a world identical to our own. However, most humans don't know that the gods exist and they certainly don't know that monsters and demigods with superhuman abilities roam the earth.
The setting has a strong cyberpunk feel with a bit of superpowers and espionage thrown in for good measure. The core book will present 6 Olympians and two demihuman races as well as new edges, hindrances and weapons all for Savage Worlds.
The Kickstarter for Olympus, Inc is scheduled to start January 15. While Fabled Environments has produced many fine floorplans and Savage Worlds modules in the past, Charles promises to bring in some world-class talent to help make this setting a worthy addition to any gamer's bookshelf (or hand drive, if you've given up on those primitive papery things):
We have several authors that have signed on to created 2000-3000 word adventures as stretch goals: John Dunn, Sean Preston and Umberto Pignatelli just to name a few.
 Mark your calendars for January 15, mere mortals, the Gods command it!