Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crypts & Things Walk Through & PreOrder

Newt Newport at D101 Games has released this video featuring a sneak preview of their up coming dark-and-gritty, Howard-inspired Swords & Wizardry varient: Crypts & Things:

Looks and sounds pretty awesome right? Want to get a copy? Well, Newt is offering several pre-order bundles offers at IndieGoGo. They range from a basic .PDF copy for $10 to getting a .PDF, hard cover copy, a t-shirt featuring the cover art, and attribution as a contributing benefactor in the book for $100. If D101 reaches it's goal, everyone who pre-orders will receive a copy of the games first module "Blood of the Dragon." At the time of this post, with 43 days remaining, they've collected $1115 so far!

Come on... You KNOW you want a copy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet the new boss... same as the old boss.

A few folks have been posting this movie clip on the inter-tubes lately. I suppose they're showing solidarity with those kooky kids occupying Wall Street:

While I certainly agree with the sentiment of our hero, the nitpicker within me howls in pedantic rage. Why did Alan Moore choose the figure Guy Fawkes as the model for his erstwhile anarchist, V? Fawkes was not the democratic, anti-authoritarian martyr against tyranny. He wasn't seeking to liberate England from despotic rule. His Gunpowder Plot was a part of a long-term strategy to depose the Protestant-controlled monarchy and replace it with a Catholic one. And while one could argue that Catholics in British Isles got the shit end of the stick after the Tudors and Cromwell, anyone with a layman's knowledge of history could tell you that the rule by Holy Mother Church wouldn't be an improvement over the Anglican version.

Then again, trying to understand the mind of Alan Moore, a man who wanted nothing to do with the excellent film adaptation of Watchmen but approved of the cinematic abomination that was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, is an exercise in futility and perhaps a descent into madness.