Monday, July 28, 2008

2300 AD and Traveller

As some of us know, Mongoose Publishing has released Traveller under a D20-esque open game license, allowing fans to produce their own material for this fantastic game. (I might do it myself if I can come up with some material worthy of publication.) Meanwhile, Colin Dunn, who wrote 2320 AD, the long-awaited sequel to GDW's other science fiction rpg, has decided to no longer work with QuikLink Interactive. It seems he wasn't happy that Hunter Gordon has been waiting over 6 years to publish his work in something other than a "pre-release" PDF available at and

All I can see is that I can't say I blame him.

It didn't take long for someone to post a suggestion on the Mongoose Publishing forums that the new home of Traveller to pick up the liscense for this game and release it as a new Traveller setting. Colin, who has taken refuge on Mongoose's forms, has said:
And as to how likely a 2300AD-Traveller conversion is, all I can really say at this moment is: wait-and-see.
Well, it truly is wait-and-see. There has been communication, generally positive, but no offers or decisions have been made, by either me or Mongoose. While I would likely be interested, it depends on what else is going on for me at the time. There are things that I would like to do that I never got a chance to do with 2320AD (like actually see it in print), and supplements and expansions, but it's wait-and-see for me, too.
Personally, I would love to see 2300 AD revived via Traveller. It's my favorite hard sci-fi setting, but I just couldn't rap my head around the original, ultra-crunchy rules. Since 2300 AD and Traveller stem from the same source (Games Designers Workshop), it's only fitting to finally bring these two properties together.

I recommend that you give Colin Dunn your support, and let Matt Sprange know that you want to see 2300 AD in the Mongoose line up!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Attention Milwaukee Area Travellers!

While I've got my own face-to-face bi-weekly Traveller group that meets in an undisclosed location somewhere in the state of Wisconsin, every two weeks just isn't enough! That's why I'm going to start a second group that will meet at Adventures In Gaming in Milwaukee.

I'm shooting for Wednesday or Thursdays starting 6 pm and running to 10-11 pm, Sunday afternoons are also an option. We'll be using the new Mongoose version of the Traveller rules. For more information, contact me directly at I'll also post other fliers at the store.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Character: Yaralaklaa Hruth, Naval Gunner

Here's my latest character for an upcoming campaign:

Yaralaklaa Hruth:

7B8AAA (Charisma replaces Social Status)
Race: Vargr, Sex: Female, Age: 30, Homeworld: Junidy, Rank: 3 (Petty Officer, 2nd Class)

Skills: Comms 0, Computers 0, Engineering (Electronics) 1, Gunner (Turrets) 2, Gun Combat (Beam Pistol) 0, Mechanic 2, Natural Weapons 0, Pilot (Small Craft) 1, Streetwise 0, VaccSuit 1, Zero-G 0.

Term 1: Enlisted, Survied, Promoted (Able Spacehand), Military Engagement.

Term 2: Survived, Promoted (Petty Officer, 3rd Class), Life Event (Improved Relationship).

Term 3: Survived, Promoted (Petty Officer, 2nd Class, Military Engagement

Muster Out Benefits: +1 Edu, TAS Membership, Weapon (Laser Pistol), 55,000 Crds.

Yaralaklaa Hruth was born to a prosperous merchant family on the bustling Imperial Way Station of Junidy (Spinward Marches, Aramis, B434ABD 9 S). After she lost her father to corsairs, Yaralaklaa swore that she would do what she could to help clear the spaceways of piracy. When she was of age, she joined the Navy where her dexterity and quick mind made her a prime candidate for gunnery. She distinguished herself in battle many times, becoming a crack starship turret gunner in the process. Along the way, she met, fell in love with, and took a respectable merchant pilot, A Raggathresh Brarak, as her mate. After finishing her final term in the navy, she rejoined her husband where to the two look to their future.... whatever that maybe.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Traveller Trailer

Andrew Boulton has created a series of well-made Traveller-related mini-movies. Here's a clip you can send to your friends to get them interested in the game:

Rumblefish Class System Defense Boat

Back in the heady days of my first Traveller campaign (i.e. the infamous Ursula T20 IRC campaign) our party obtained possession of an advanced, sleek, and deadly 200 dTon system defense boat, or "pocket battlerider" since it was designed to be dropped off in-system via a jump-capable tender. This little ship has gotten us through one or two firefights, and now that Mongoose Traveller is being released, I'd like to pay homage to that campaign with my own version of this feisty little boat.


(Image by Artist Extraordinaire, Bryan Gibson and used with permission.)

Using Liam Devlin's original design, I tried to match it to Mongoose Traveller as closely as I could. I'm waiting for their new High Guard supplement so I can modify it further (I have to use up some of that cargo space!) but this should do for now.

Hull 200 dTons
Hull 4
Structure 4

8.8 Mcr
Armor Bonded Superdence,
12 20 10 Mcr
Maneuver Drive Drive F Thrust 6 11 24 Mcr
Power Plant Plant F
19 48 Mcr

10 1 Mcr
Computer Model 6, fib Rating 30
30 Mcr
Electronics Advance Military Sensors +1 DM 3 3 Mcr

Hardpoint 1 Double Fixed Mount (2x Particle Beams)
8.5 Mcr

Hardpoint 2 Triple Turret (3x Missile Rack) 1 3.75 Mcr
4 weeks 24
Cargo 94 tons*

Staterooms 4 Double Occupancy 16 2 Mcr
Extras Fuel Scoops

Ship's Locker



2 Mcr

Fire Control/2

4 Mcr


1 Mcr



Maintenance Cost (monthly) 12,004 Cr
Life Support Cost (monthly) 8000 Cr
Total Tonnage and Cost 200 dTons, 146,050,000 Cr

This is my first foray in creating ships in Mongoose Traveller, but feel free to double check and critique my design.