Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Back In The Saddle Again...Sort Of.

Hey all! Sorry for the long silence, life has be pretty hectic the last few months: work, laptop dying, trying out new anti-depression meds, calking the bathroom floor, learning Outer Mongolian, etc.

I've got an old laptop working for the time being. I had to swap out the hard drive and re-install Windows to get it working. I'm still in the process of swatting bugs, but I'm back up and running with a portable computer. However, it also means that I a lot of my Mu material is on the old hard drive, so I had to put the old drive in an enclosure and hunt for the various, partially-written files I written since April. If anything it allows me to revise somethings and put together something a little more usable. For what... I'm not yet certain.

We're nearing the time when GaryCon registration is upon us, and I'm a little concerned if I'm going to make it next year. In April we got the news that my beneficent and altruistic employer will be closing the call center where I work to move down to sunny, Republican, Florida where the taxes are lower and they can pay their wage slaves employees less than shit. (Isn't the free market grand?) Since I have neither t he means nor the inclination to move, I'm going to be out of a job unless I find something by November 1. The illustrious job creators must be truly busy since all of my efforts to secure a new position in the months since the layoff announcement have be met with utter silence. Since the resort doesn't accept bits of lint and string as legal tender, my annual pilgrimage to OSR-Mecca is in danger of being trampled to death before it starts.

Well, we'll see what happens. If anything unemployment will give me a chance to write, even if it's only to pen my suicide note.