Sunday, September 9, 2012

GaryCon Pre-Reg Coming Soon...

Working on a race for a horror campaign I have in mind, but in the meantime, allow me to remind you that's it's THAT time of year again. That's right! Soon it will be time to register for...

Casting Level 5 PAAAAAR-TAY!
GaryCon V (The Final Frontier) will be running from March 14-17. Preregistration starts September 16 and runs through October 15. $40 will get you admission to all four glorious days of Old School gaming debauchery with a set of official GaryCon Stadium cups (very handy for scoring cheap soda and Spotted Cow). The newly rechristened Geneva Ridge Resort (formerly The Lodge at Geneva Ridge) will have their usual $89 per night room rate. If anyone is looking to double up on a room and wouldn't mind me for a roomy, let me know and we'll see with we can arrange.

This year, I'm actually going to run an official event this year. I'm not sure what just yet, but I really want to make it wild and special. 

I've also leaving strict instructions with Victor Raymond that, in the event of my untimely death before the con,  he commision the priests of the temple of Lord Sárku to have me resurrected as a Jági!

What's that? They want HOW much? OK, how about a Shédra? A Mrúr?

OK, how much just to stuff my carcass and prop me up in a corner?