Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crypts & Things Walk Through & PreOrder

Newt Newport at D101 Games has released this video featuring a sneak preview of their up coming dark-and-gritty, Howard-inspired Swords & Wizardry varient: Crypts & Things:

Looks and sounds pretty awesome right? Want to get a copy? Well, Newt is offering several pre-order bundles offers at IndieGoGo. They range from a basic .PDF copy for $10 to getting a .PDF, hard cover copy, a t-shirt featuring the cover art, and attribution as a contributing benefactor in the book for $100. If D101 reaches it's goal, everyone who pre-orders will receive a copy of the games first module "Blood of the Dragon." At the time of this post, with 43 days remaining, they've collected $1115 so far!

Come on... You KNOW you want a copy!

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  1. Oh, also, they're hoping to get the .PDF out for the week of October 23, 2011. So you wouldn't have to wait very long for some hot barbarian action.