Tuesday, April 15, 2014

THIS is how you run a Traditional Gaming Group.

This evening I had to opportunity to re-visit Madison Traditional Gaming after a long absence. It used to be I would try to get in on one of their monthly Saturday sessions. Then my work schedule changed and I lost my weekends off, seriously damaging my ability to game at all. While I still don't have Saturdays and Sundays to myself, I do now have Tuesdays off. Normally, I spend them at The Game Store, chatting and painting minis with my friends, but at Gary Con, MTG's organizer Victor Raymond, invited me to come to the Tuesday night sessions at Pegasus Games they added since the last time I made the hour-long trek from Muskego to Madison.

I was not disappointed.
Pegasus' game room.

Over 30 people showed up. Six games are being run at the same time: a "0 Ed." D&D game, a WEG Star Wars game, Microlite 74, and three Savage Worlds games. ("But Savage Worlds isn't a old school game?!" It certainly is, in spirit.) Since I was only there to visit that night, I didn't get involved in any of the games. I only observed.

Victor's D&D game.
One of the major differences between Madison and Milwaukee gamers is how open and accepting the former are and how insular and cliquey the latter seem. My attempts at running similar events in my area have only brought forth less than half-a-dozen people and I found that they can be VERY particular about what they play and who they play with. Maybe it's Madison's "college town" culture, who can say?

One of the Savage Worlds game.
There was gaming fun to be had by all until 10 pm. So many people, so many games. I only wish that I my miniature painting night was sometime other than Tuesdays. If I'm going to bring about anything similar in Milwaukee, I've got a tough act to follow and a tougher row to hoe.


  1. Mark, it was great having you there! Next time, let's get you into a game!

  2. How can you make me choose between this and my Tuesday night miniature painting?

    You're tearing me apart, Victor!