Friday, December 5, 2008

Traveller and the "State Of the Mongoose" Address.

Matt Sprange, grand guru supreme at Mongoose Publishing, released this year's "State Of The Mongoose" address and there are some great things in store for Traveller fans in 2009:
  • Expect more career books with titles such as Scondrel and Agent
  • There will be two vehicle books (both civilian and military) slated complete with a construction system.
  • The first of the two Aliens books are scheduled for Aslan and Zhodani. These books are planned on being 200+ page hardcovers.
  • Classic OTU adventures and new campaigns are in the works.
  • David Drake's Hammer's Slammers will be released as a Traveller setting! All I can say is "AWESOME!"
  • Along with the already-planned Strontium Dogs setting from 2000AD Comics, Judge Dredd will become a Traveller setting. ("I AM DUH LAW!")
  • Sad news everyone: while the The Universe Of Babylon 5 , the B5/Traveller sourcebook, is scheduled to come out this month, Mongoose will be dropping the B5 liscense in 2009.

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