Friday, July 10, 2015

Bones III Kickstarter Is Underway!

Once again, Reaper is running a Kickstarter to fund the production of a new run of Bones miniatures. They are already three days into a short 18-day campaign and they are pretty close to breaking the million dollar mark. So far, for a $100 pledge, you can get...

Click to Enlarge.
As more money comes rolling in, more miniatures will be added to the basic pool. There are also some awesome options you can purchase on top of the basic package. Among the options, these caught my attention...

Oh, I SO want these powered armored figs. I had picked up about two dozen Nova Corp soldiers in Bones for general sci-fi troops or cyberpunk security goons for role-playing. These beauties will fit in nicely with the Nova Corps figs and will work for everything from Traveller to Mutant Future.

Pledge today!


  1. I didn't realize they'd changed the formula. They feel the same to me. I just painted a mix of Bones I and Bones II dupes and I can't tell you which are which.

    David Cena,

    Niresh Peranantham

  2. I've got Bones I and II figs as well, and I also have noticed no difference in the material. The quality of the casting has improved slightly from the first and second generations.