Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Year of Tekumel: Creating the Impenetrable Screen of Lore for Mastery of Games

The Year of Tekumel is upon us all! Otulengba! 

Recently, my coil-bound copy of Empire of the Petal Throne, which has seen me through many an adventure in the Jakallan underworld and on the Sabke Road, was getting pretty worn out. As I printed out a new copy, I figured that I should be environmentally conscious as possible and try to recycle as much as my old book as I could before consigning the rest to the paper shredder. Therefore, I decided to convert what I could into a much-needed GM screen!

Victor Raymond has used a similar method to create his own EPT GM screen using laminated pages of the tables found in the back of the book, However, since I already own a vinyl, three-panel, landscape screen for Savage Worlds, I decided to try to cut out and re-position these tables onto card stock so they could better fit my screen. I also added vital combat tables (e.g. To-Hit, Hit Dice, Damage, Morale, etc.) so I would no longer have to go flipping around the book to find them. So far, I'm pleased with the results:

No matter how much clever arranging I tried, I couldn't fit them all onto three panels. Fortunately, Hammerdog Games makes a four-panel landscape screen that I've been meaning to pick up the next time I make a POD order from DTRPG.  I also used some the artwork to create panels for the front of the screen. I made several for variety sake:

No the only thing that remains is to laminate the front of the panels (this keeps them from sticking to the clear vinyl of the screen pockets) and I'm ready to torment any new barbarian adventurers that wash up on the shores of Tsolyanu!

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  1. Could you scan and post your final screen materials? I'm looking at putting a similar screen together.