Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My OSR Superstar Entries.

Sigh, apparently I'm not an OSR Superstar after all. I feel so ashamed! (Sob!)

Anyway, now that the first stage of the competition is over, I'll post the two magical items I submitted for your perusal. Perhaps a little outside critique could tell me where I went wrong.

Circlet of the Undying:

This ornate diadem was created by a powerful necromancer as a means of preserving their intellect and power throughout the ages by transferring his mind to a younger, healthier body when the old one dies.. When placed on the head, the circlet creates a magical recording of the wearer's memories, personality, and abilities. The character must continue to wear the circlet to keep recording memories and skills, otherwise the copying process ends when it is removed or the character dies.

When an appropriate host body of the same race as the recorded mind is found, the circlet is placed upon the host's brow. The unfortunate mind of the host body is completely erased and can not be restored, while the recorded mind's takes it over. The recorded character's Class, Level, INT, WIS, and CHA at the point of the circlet's removal or the previous owner's death replace the those of the new body's. A successful saving throw stops the process for one round, giving host a chance to take it off if they are able. After the transfer is complete, the circlet crumbles to dust. The circlet can not be used on same body as the recorded mind's.

A circlet discovered as treasure has a 20% chance of being “occupied” by a recorded mind. There is no way to determine this until it is actually put on.

Monster Pots:

These small, sealed, clay pots contain the magically preserved essences of a single monster up. When the pot is broken, usually when its user smashes it against the floor or wall, it releases the trapped creature which materializes in a puff of foul smelling greenish-black smoke. The creature will serve the character who broke its pot until death or it is dismissed by it's master. The sorcerers that create such pots. Since most wizards are too insane and or arrogant to note what sort of monster is imprisoned, when the pot is broken, roll to see what creature emerges:

Roll:     Monster:
1          Goblin
2          Kobold
3          Skeleton
4          Zombie
5          Orc
6          Hobgoblin
7          Ghoul
8          Gnoll
9          Harpy
10        Ogre

BTW, Gary Con Day 0 review is forthcoming!


  1. You have nothing to be ashamed of, those are fantastic!

  2. The monster pots are great; the circlet of undying is cool but is basically an insta-kill for any PC that puts it on. It would be better if there was some kind of ongoing conflict or chance for recovery as the circlet mind battles for control over the host body (much like an intelligent item).