Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming Soon: Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition!

Awesome news today from Voidstar Studios who announced yesterday that they will be porting their Transhumanist science fiction RPG Nova Praxis to Savage Worlds and they've brought on a familiar name to help:
We're proud to announce that Nova Praxis is going to be released as an officially licensed Savage Worlds campaign setting. And is that the conversion is being done in conjunction with none other than veteran Savage Worlds developer and publisher, Sean Patrick Fannon, author of Shaintar.

I have always felt that Savage Worlds needed a a more "modern" science fiction campaign setting especially after enjoying novels like Alistair Reynolds' Revelation Space and Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon. I own the FATE edition of Nova Praxis and I was greatly impressed by the depth and scope of the game. I just don't think that my more traditional gamer friends would be interested in the more free-form nature of the FATE system. A Savage Worlds edition would greatly open the setting to a wider audience and with Sean Patrick Fannon in the wings, we can be pretty sure that this will be a well-made conversion.

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