Thursday, April 18, 2013

Familiar Fantasy Races for Swords & Wizardry

While I thought it was an abomination in the eyes of man and God (and I’m an atheist), the 4th Edition of The World’s Most Popular Fantasy Role-Playing Game did have the forethought to expand the racial options for characters. The players handbook includes a couple of races (names changed to keep WotC's lawyers off my rear) that I think deserve addition to the Swords & Wizardry repertoire:


Pat Pulling would be having a conniption fit over this
image, if she were still alive!
Chaos-Born are humanoid beings whose bloodline has been influenced by either direct diabolical parentage or chaotic forces. This influence manifests physically in various degrees as horns, cloven feet, tails, sharp teeth, and ruddy skin tones and other demonic features. While not inherently evil, Chaos-Born are shunned and mistrusted by civilized people as “tainted” by darkness and forced into living in the shadows of society as cut-purses or cutthroats. They tend to be moody, quick tempered and have a resistance to fire-based attacks. Their chaotic nature also tends to make them apt sorcerers, drawing them into the very dark world that spawned them.

Chaos-Born have Darkvision up to 60 feet and receive a +4 saving throw bonus against fire-based attacks. Chaos-Born characters may be Fighters up to 8th Level (Level 9 if they have a Strength of 17 or or Level 10 at 18), Magic-Users up to 14 level (Level 15 if they have an Intelligence of 16 or Level 14 at 18) , and Thieves and Assassins at no limits. They may multi-class as Fighters/Magic-Users, Thief/Magic-Users, Assassin/Magic-Users. If multi-classing, they are limited up to Level 4 for Fighters (Level 5 if they have a Strength of 17, Level 6 if Strength 18), Level 6 if Assassin or Thieves (Level 5 at Dexterity 17, Level 6 at Dexterity 18), and up to Level 10 for Magic-Users (Level 11 at Intelligence 17, Level 12 at Intelligence 18).


Question: Why would a female member of
a reptilian race have mammary glands?

Driven by the fierce sense of honor, these reptilian humanoids can trace their ancestry to the ancient dragons of yore. They tend to be larger and stronger than humans with scaly skin, along with horns and frills protruding from the backs of their lizard-like heads. Like their draconian cousins, they have the the ability to breathe streams of fire, acid, poisonous gas, and electricity at their opponents. Dragonkin are proud and are noble almost noble to a fault, never breaking a oath once given. The are keen warriors and their devotion to Law make them devoted to whatever gods they worship.

 Dragonkin PCs chose what type of breath attack they use during character creation (i.e. Fire, Acid, Cold, Gas, Lighting) and once chosen it can never change. They may use their breath attack up 3 times a day which deals 1d6 plus 1d6 damage per 3 HD for a range of 10 feet plus another 5 feet per hit dice. (I was inspired by a Pathfinder interpretation found here.) They can be either Fighters or Clerics with no maximum. They may multi-class as Fighter/Clerics, but only up to a Level 8 Fighter (Level 9 if Strength 17, Level 10 if Strength 18) and a Level 8 Cleric (Level 9 if Wisdom 17, Level 10 if Wisdom 18). 

It should be noted that this my first attempt at creating "race as classes," it's actually one the things I dislike about some OSR games. So if the level caps I've got here seem inappropriate, please let me know. 

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  1. Actually, this isn't race-as-class; I think you're working from one of the later S&W versions that separated them?

    Race-as-Class would be saying Chaos-Born and Dragonkin *are* classes, just like Fighter, Cleric, ... S&W Core does this.