Friday, July 4, 2008

Character: Yaralaklaa Hruth, Naval Gunner

Here's my latest character for an upcoming campaign:

Yaralaklaa Hruth:

7B8AAA (Charisma replaces Social Status)
Race: Vargr, Sex: Female, Age: 30, Homeworld: Junidy, Rank: 3 (Petty Officer, 2nd Class)

Skills: Comms 0, Computers 0, Engineering (Electronics) 1, Gunner (Turrets) 2, Gun Combat (Beam Pistol) 0, Mechanic 2, Natural Weapons 0, Pilot (Small Craft) 1, Streetwise 0, VaccSuit 1, Zero-G 0.

Term 1: Enlisted, Survied, Promoted (Able Spacehand), Military Engagement.

Term 2: Survived, Promoted (Petty Officer, 3rd Class), Life Event (Improved Relationship).

Term 3: Survived, Promoted (Petty Officer, 2nd Class, Military Engagement

Muster Out Benefits: +1 Edu, TAS Membership, Weapon (Laser Pistol), 55,000 Crds.

Yaralaklaa Hruth was born to a prosperous merchant family on the bustling Imperial Way Station of Junidy (Spinward Marches, Aramis, B434ABD 9 S). After she lost her father to corsairs, Yaralaklaa swore that she would do what she could to help clear the spaceways of piracy. When she was of age, she joined the Navy where her dexterity and quick mind made her a prime candidate for gunnery. She distinguished herself in battle many times, becoming a crack starship turret gunner in the process. Along the way, she met, fell in love with, and took a respectable merchant pilot, A Raggathresh Brarak, as her mate. After finishing her final term in the navy, she rejoined her husband where to the two look to their future.... whatever that maybe.

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