Monday, December 17, 2007

Coming Soon: Perry Plastics ACW!

TMP is reporting that Perry Miniatures is coming out with a set of 25mm plastic American Civil War figures that will include cavalry and infantry:
The cavalry will include 12 mounted figures (including command). There being in horses two parts (with an integral base), 4 different riders with separate right arms, hats and carbines - you'll have option of over 5,000 variants with the cavalry. Both these boxes are intended for use for Union and Confederate forces, as the headgear is separate, allowing the customer to customise their armies accordingly. This means there'll be 36 kepis and 36 slouch hats, and 12 of each for the cavalry. The head gear is slightly dished out, and the heads have a slight dome instead of a full braincase to allow some tilting of the hats.
At this time, Perry is estimating the set to round around £12. 24 bucks! For 48 figures! I think I'll finally be able to build those skirmishers for Brother Against Brother. Now, if they could only do Zoauves.

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