Friday, August 24, 2012

"I despise all weavers of the black arts. Speaking of which, could you pass the gravy? "

I used to like Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network's nightly block of "mature" entertainment, back when they used to show actual original cartoons. These days they seem to have figured out that animation isn't cheap and now seem to have mainly dedicated themselves to airing crappy, surrealistic, live-action "comedies." The only thing that keeps me coming back on a semi-regular basis is that it is the home of my favorite animated show, The Venture Bros.. However, it takes quite a while for the two geniuses who produce that amazing satire to get a season together and I can always download seasons from iTunes or wait for the DVD release.

Also, Adult Swim is guilty of the most unforgivable crime in the whole of geekdom: it picked up and dropped the following masterpiece of fantasy animation after airing only the pilot:

TRAVESTY! INJUSTICE! Heads should roll for Adult Swim's myopic parsimony!

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