Thursday, December 1, 2011

John Carter Trailer Part Duex: The Quickening

By now everyone knows that Disney has released the latest trailer for John Carter, their adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian tales. Let's watch, shall we?
Oh yes, so much better than the slower-moving trailer seen earlier this year. Still, a watchable trailer does not make good movie make; therefore, we shall continue to reserve final judgement until we've actually seen it.

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  1. Dynamites' 'Warlord of Mars' series of comics adaptations are (slightly)more faithful to the novels, and yet manage to 'freshen' things up, and all that writer-crap nonsense that goes for someone meddling with someone else's stuff that worked fine before they got there. If you're going to adapt ERB, then do ERB. If you want to change it up, go write your own stuff and let's see how it compares. But of course, that's not how it works...
    Maybe the Disney movie will inspire a little bit more interest in the sword-and-planet pulps. Before we get deluged under Hobbit-mania all over again...