Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Hot Elf Chick and the Hot Priestess of Dlamélish

Since I've always been a follower rather than a leader...

Picture by Mark Allen @

The demon that tumbled out of the conjured nexus point was unlike anything that Nyára hiArusá of the Jade Diadem Clan, priestess of the 8th circle of the Temple of Lady Dlamélish, had even seen. It appeared to be human in shape, and a female shape at that, but it was as lithe as a young clan maiden and stood nearly two hand spans taller than Nyára! "She" was clad head-to-foot in uncomfortable (and prudish) looking leather armor. The demon had a long bow slung across her shoulder and she was brandishing a rather plain-looking short sword that glinted in the torch light. Steel! Whatever plane this being came from must be a rich one indeed!

What Nyára thought striking was this demon's skin: she was a nearly as pale as the snows upon Thénu Thendráya Peak rather than the coppery skin tones of Tékumelyani humans and her long hair was the color of gold. Even more striking where her ears; long and pointed like dagger blades. Any other human from the Five Empires would have probably found this demon utterly repulsive from description alone, but for some strange reason, Nyára found her stunningly beautiful. The priestess's womanhood began to throb at the thought of the pleasures she could have with this lovely demon.

Patience. One thing at a time Nyára, she told herself. First, let us dispel our guest's fears. Then...

The demon looked about Nyára’s private chapel to the Emerald Lady like a caged Zrné beast. At first the creature shouted at Nyára in its own musical language as she pointed her sword at Nyára warningly. Even tinged with fear and anger, the demon's voice was enthralling. She then started to chant made odd gestures with her free hand. A spell, no doubt, but Nyára had been cautious to create the proper wards to shield her from such attacks. However, the priestess did not sense the familiar release of Pedhétl that accompanies a successful casting. If this demon had magical ability on her own plane, they were of no use to her on Tékumel.

Nyára slowly raised the Eye of Incomparable Understanding and pressed the stud. "Please, calm down," she purred reassuringly. "I mean you no harm." 

The demon dropped her defensive posture slightly and starred at Nyára for a second then spoke. The words Nyára heard where in fluent Tsolyáni. "You do speak my language! Or is this some manner of spell? Who are you? Where am I? What is this place? Where are my companions...?" The demon paused again as her gray, almond-shaped eyes looked up and down the human's body. "And... errrr... why are you naked?"

Nyára smiled...

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  1. Now that's an introduction. Mark Allen's work is just great, the Tekumel stuff for Band of Joyous Brothers being several cuts up from most gaming art.

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  3. I know, they were good. I'm glad he's thinking of returning to the project. I'm also glad the Jeff Dee has thrown his hat into the ring and is producing beautiful artwork for BoJH.