Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Help Cheyenne Wright!

As I do every Monday , Wednesday, and Friday, I stopped by Girl Genius this morning to see what Agatha Heterodyne is up to when I saw the following from Kaja Foglio:

"Cheyenne Wright, our highly esteemed friend and colorist, is currently under observation in the hospital. The doctors are not yet sure what's wrong, but it's actually sounding fairly alarming. We're quite worried."

Pinnacle fans, of course, will know Cheyenne's artwork from numerous Deadlands and Savage Worlds products. I've met Cheyenne at GenCon and Origins and he's a friendly, fascinating, and talented individual. The Foglios are putting together a fund-rasiers and in the meantime suggest that any who'd like to help out with Cheyenne's medical bills can make direct contributions to his PayPal address:

Good luck Cheyenne!

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